Partition Method in Linux ?

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Partition Method in Linux ?

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I am new in Linux. I to know the partition method in linux. Normally in windows we install the OS like windows XP on C Drive.To install rest of the software like Ms office I keep it away from my C drive in install in D drive. In my Last drive I keep all of my personal data in it.
The benefit of doing this that i keep the operating system in a separate partition,User software in a separate partition and my personal thing in an other separate partition.

Keeping in view the above in Linux how can i keep my operating system (Linux ) partition separate and my personal data?

/boot 500 Mb
/Root 10GB
/swap Double of Ram
/Home 10 GB
/Usr ?
/USR/local ?

I does't know it is correct or not?Please guide me.

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just create swap, /home, and / separately.
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I think the partitioning scheme that lambda proposed is better. Using more than these three partitions is not necessary.
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