AoA to all ... Help required...

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Aamir Akbar

AoA to all ... Help required...

Postby Aamir Akbar » Mon Sep 09, 2002 11:11 pm

First of all i m new here ... and i signed up here but there was no reply to my sign up... plz concerned authorities should do something...
My email

Also i want help in this regard ....
i have studied ur material and i think u ppl guru in this regard...

i m working on the X window dump images (implementation if XWD command). I
want to dump the window which is overlapped by same visuals or different
visuals windows (8 or 24 bit depth). But in case of overlappeing i really
want to know the Root window-id and children windows-id which are
overlapped on desired window i.e. i want to dump a window A which is
overlapped by window B and window C, i want to get the idz of window B and
C for this. For this purpose i was using "XQueryTree", but the window idz
comming by this function r not actual, as i compared these idz with
"xwininfo" command which returns the information (including id) of one
desired window. Another command i checked "xlswins" but it returns the list
of all windows which were even closed, means it returns the cache, which is
not desirable. Is there any way out for getting window idz other than
"XQueryTree" and "xlswins", or any idea about the implementation of
"xwininfo" in context of Solaris and Linux.

aamir :?:

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