--enable-arp-acl (SQUID 2.5 STABLE)

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--enable-arp-acl (SQUID 2.5 STABLE)

Post by syedali999 »


I am using Red Hat 7.2 with squid 2.5 (stable release).
all i have to do is to enable mac verification.
is it possible to do this without re-compiling squid?
and if not then kindly tell me how to upgrade it to squid 3.0 Devel
will my kernel support it or not?
waiting for reply bye.
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Post by LinuxFreaK »

Dear syedali999,

Yes, use rpm version of squid.

Code: Select all

acl M1 arp 01:02:03:04:05:06
acl M2 arp 11:12:13:14:15:16
http_access allow M1
http_access allow M2
http_access deny all
FYI, http://www.squid-cache.org/Doc/FAQ/FAQ-10.html

Best Regards.
Farrukh Ahmed
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