Howto, Fedora Directory Server

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Howto, Fedora Directory Server

Postby nayyares » Wed Nov 14, 2007 2:28 pm

HI folks,

"In most enterprise networks today, centralized authentication is a basic security paradigm. In the Linux realm, OpenLDAP has been king of the hill for many years, but for those unfamiliar with the LDAP command-line interface (CLI), it can be a painstaking process to deploy. Enter the Fedora Directory Server (FDS). Released under the GPL in June 2005 as Fedora Directory Server 7.1 (changed to version 1.0 in December of the same year), FDS has roots in both the Netscape Directory Server Project and its sister product, the Red Hat Directory Server (RHDS). Some of FDS's notable features are its easy-to-use Java-based Administration Console, support for LDAP3 and Active Directory integration. By far, the most attractive feature of FDS is Multi-Master Replication (MMR). MMR allows for multiple servers to maintain the same directory information, so that the loss of one server does not bring the directory down as it would in a master-slave environment."


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