Choosing PHP Editor

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Choosing PHP Editor

Postby barlas » Thu Mar 15, 2007 10:37 pm

This is just a small guide to help beginners how to choose an editor for PHP. There are many factors that should be noted while choosing an IDE for any language. Like:

1. Syntax Highlighting: Almost all modern day IDEs have syntax highlighting, so it's not much of a factor now.
2. Auto-Complete Functions: As the name suggests, auto-complete auto-completes any function when user starts to write it, e.g. if you write mysql_, it will show all functions starting with mysql_. This feature is nice to have for beginners as they sometimes tend to forget the exact name of a function, and also for advanced programmers as it speeds up the programming.
3. Class/Function Browser: It shows a browse able list of classes and functions that come with PHP. These functions are not auto-completed but can be searched in "Fuction Browser" window. Usually editors that have auto-complete also include function browser, though opposite is not always true.
4. Block Folding: Block folding allows user to collapse/expand any code block, which is usually anything between a set of {} or something like <head></head>. This is a useful feature when editing large code.
5. Plugins: Plugins allows user to extend the usability of editor, so, if you like an editor but it is missing some feature you would like it to have, you can simply write your own plugin for it (that is if no one else has written it already) :)
6. Last Release Date: This is also an important factor, as it gives the idea if the project is still alive and is actively developed.

Decide which of these factors are important for you and then choose a php editor from the list that matches your choice :)

1. gPHPEdit
Latest Version: 1.0 beta (0.9.91) released on 2006-06-05
Features: Syntax highlighting, Auto-Complete Functions(upto PHP 4.2), Class/Function browser, Context sensitive help, Block Folding

2. BlueFish
Latest Version: 1.1.2 released on 2007-01-03
Features: Syntax highlighting, Class/Function browser, Faster, Uses less memory than other editors

3. jEdit
Latest Version: 4.3pre9 released on 2007-01-20
Features: Syntax highlighting, Block folding, Plugins.
Comments: It is written in java and has a lots of plugins, I haven't found any auto-complete plugin though.

4. Screem
Latest Version: 0.17.1 released on 2006-01-23
Features: Syntax highlighting, Fuction list (using ctags), Page Templates, Broken link checking

5. Scite
Latest Stable: 1.72 released on 2007-01-15
Features: Syntax highlighting, Function list
Comments: PHP support is not present by deafult in Scite, but you can easily download it from the "Extras" section on website.

6. Quanta Plus
Latest Version: 3.5.6 released on 2007-01-26
Comments: KDE's default web developing tool

Note: All these editors are licensed as GPL, I haven't gotten around testing commercial IDEs yet. I would try to test them and post here soon.

This is by no means complete list of PHP Editors, nor even the most famous ones, but the ones I have tried myself at some point. For a complete list of PHP Editors you can try
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Postby ranatanveer » Fri Mar 16, 2007 11:04 am


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Postby MAJID » Sat Mar 17, 2007 1:26 am

SIDE, an OpenSource IDE for PHP programmers
Yes, that is, an IDE for PHP programmers.
* Code completion [not finalized yet]
* Syntax highlighting for PHP, HTML, Javascript, XML, SQL and CSS.
* QuickCodes [code templates]
* Code browser
* File explorer
* PhpDoc and MySql Doc toolbars
* File templates
* Customizable desktop
* And more...
Oh yes this is GPL

I tried it on windoze and linux and if you do not have any editor this is good but it is not a perfect IDE!
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Postby asterisk_sip » Wed Mar 21, 2007 11:27 pm

OpenSource comes under GPL, But my experties doesnt......:)

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