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Dual Boot with RHEL and Windows XP

Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 10:42 am
by Kamran.Ahmed
Dear all

below are the steps to install and configure a machine with dual boot o/s Readhat Enterprise server and windows xp

suppose we have a hard drive which has two partition c and d

step 1- install 1st windows xp in c partition after the installation

step 2- install 2nd RHEL in d partition keep in mind during installation you have to install grub in MBR after the installation you will not be able to run windows xp

step 3- we have to configure windows xp we need windows xp installation cd boot with xp installation cd and get the recovery console option at recovery console prompt type

bootcfg /rebuild

after to give some option you will be able to run both RHEL and windows xp in a machine when you starts computer there is grub menu appear you have to select other option it will show you windows xp boot loader i have tested above mention procedure with windows xp with RHEL, windows xp with centos and windows xp with Fedora sucessfully if you feel some dificulty let me know