Windows Installation Server

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Windows Installation Server

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Hiz Salam to all.

Dear Fellows.

I want to remove Cd-Roms from all pc's which are connected to my network for some reasons. so i want to implement a server by which my clients can boot from lan and esily Install Windows when they want to. So plz guide me if it is possible....
thanx in advance
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Re: Windows Installation Server

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You need to have PXE bootable clients for network booting. For creating the server you can use any linux version with DHCP and tftp services configured, however you can use the following appliance for easy setup.

Ultimate Deployment Appliance


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Re: Windows Installation Server

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Hi Dear!
I have used the Windows Remote Installation Server (RIS) for some time. That work well for few PXE-Clients...but performance decreased when more PXE-Clients added..Simply replaced RIS with Linux solution. Here's my setup, may be helpful for you.
:idea: :arrow:
1. Setup Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) DRBL (Diskless Remote Boot in Linux) + Clone Zilla Server.
1.1 Diskless Remote Boot in Linux --->
1.2 Cloning Linux Systems With CloneZilla Server Edition (CloneZilla SE)
1.2.1 -- > ... nezilla-se
1.3 Setup a Clonezilla Server on Ubuntu --> ... on-ubuntu/
2. In Second Step, prepare Master-Image (the OS/Software you want to install on other systems)
3. In Clone Zilla Server, start it and choose make image (Please see 1.2.1 for more details...)
4. You can use Clone Zilla Server (Imaging/installation) both for MS.Windows and Mr.Linux, we have most of dual boot systems.

Best of Luck in Deployment. :lol:
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