dual boot configuration

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khurram mirza

dual boot configuration

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hi guys,
i'm installing linux first time . in order to keep dual booting active should i install LILO on MBR or on native partition.

khurram mirza
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Install LILO on the MBR and configure your lilo.conf to boot into all the operating systems you have installed on your system (read LILO manpage).

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First of all make sure u have one empty partition (at least 3GB) or an FAT partition would work too.

I assume that you are using Redhat 8.0, boot ur PC from the first CD, once it asks for continuing the Instalation press


It will automatically boot into GUI installation mode (i hope it would correctly detect ur monitor & video card), initially

would ask u about language, mouse, keyboard & installtion type, choose them according to ur needs ... now the real parts

come, when it would ask u about where do u want to install it, choose manually edit the harddisk partitions using redhat's

own partition tool. Once u are there, u would see all of ur windows Partitions & any empty partitions. I assume that u want

to make your "D" partition of windows for Linux, select it & delete (make sure u have made this parition "empty" & taken

backup of ur data) it. Now u would have some free space i.e 3.5GB, now create one "/" partition, one "swap" partition (double

of ur RAM size if RAM is 128 it should be 256MB). After that it would ask u where to install bootloader & which one (GRUB or

LILO), select GRUB (I have used it, it works great). GRUB would automatically detect any existing OS & would manage that :-), I mean install GRUB on MBR ... after that go & start smooth installtion of Linux.

The method which I showed u, is not that much special, but I would call it a "Desi Tareeqa" but it works for me & I am

running Windows 2000 Server, Mandrake Linux 9.0 & Redhat Linux 8.0 (GRUB is the bootloader)

Hope it would help u, for any problems, ask on the forum with specific details.