Problem in installing the linux 7.3....

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Problem in installing the linux 7.3....

Post by AamirAkbar »

Asalam o Aliakum...
When i first installed linux 7.2 it all went fine but now when i want to upgrade to linux 7.3 it gets held while checking the partition...
it does goes beyond ....(it hangs up)
any body having idea...
when booting 7.2 it also took time for checking partitions and reported time out for hda's
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Post by majorwoo »

7.2 gave you timeout's on your hard drive?

If that is true check your configuration (physical first) make sure ytou have master/slave setup properly.

Also, try a different drive, I had a drive that started giving timeouts - it had to be replaced. Im not sure 7.2 would install and 7.3 wont though...

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