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DNS, Apache, & Virtual Hosts

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Salams Fawad,

Long time no see...this is Saad from neiu. :-) what have you been up to. I lost your email address. I haven't been using linux lately, but I just started after I got an old laptop. I'm using the laptop solely to serve a website, email, ftp, and ssh. My biggest priority is getting this friggin website up and running, b/c my fiance has been bugging me about our engagement pics to be posted on the net.

The box is behind a cable/dsl router (with a built in firewall). I installed Red Hat 8 on this box...everything installed nicely. But I'm mind boggled as to how to set up this whole senario. Yes i'm still ashamed to be a newbie, but i've read on dns and apache, and now i'm more confused!!!

Can you advise as to where I can get step by step docs (keeping in mind i'm a newbie), or if there's a message thread that has already discussed such a senario. So if you're done shaking your head at me, i need your help if you can, or if anyone else can guide me. I already registered a domain name of course. The domain is pointed to my WAN IP also. so that part is taken care of.

by the way, if you're reading this fawad, email me. i'm sure you can access my email address from my profile.

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Walaikum assalam Saad,
Well, unfortunately you were not logged in with a proper account, so I can't get your email address. Email me at fawadNOSPAM@fawad.net (you know what to do with NOSPAM). Email me off the list so we can coordinate how to get this thing on the road. I'll have to have you give me ssh access for a little while so that I can set it up for you. Or if you prefer, we can walk through the setup steps here on the forum. Let me know where to start from.

And there's no shame in being a newbie. I bet if you give us something to start with, we can have you up and running in no time. (Oh, and BTW, I've got Redhat 8 on my desktop as well. All the better to guide you with!).