Problems With Modem/ Samba Too

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Problems With Modem/ Samba Too

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I Use Mandrake 8.2 As my Distribution.

I've been trying to configure Samba on my desktop. Somehow when i run the command smbclient -L Hostname it gives me the shared drives on the host i want, but when i try to look for my linux PC on the netowork it is not found by a Windows PC. The pings are perfect for all my systems from and to Linux. I've tried reading up on it, the configurations are matched to the hilt. I don't know what i'm doing wrong. It's a peer-2-peer system, btw, and i dont' have a DHCP server running anywhere.

Plus, i require a modem driver for my Motorola Modem and for my notebook (HP ZE1110). I've tried searching for it on but somehow it's not there. Can anyone help with this too.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Try putting

browseable = yes

in the


section of smb.conf
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Problem With Samba

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For Samba :

if you can ping, you are 50% there.The rest is up to samba.Samba is a networking layer that allows Linux and Windows ( amongst others) to "talk" to each other.

First thing to do now is to create a user on your Linux system. adduser windows_user ( or whatever you like ; you will log into your windows 9x box with this user )passwd windows_user

Now, edit the samba configuration file; smb.conf. (if needed)

Change the "WORKGROUP" name to match the workgroup you set on the Windows machine.

Now, a bit lower down, there will be 2 lines :
encrypt passwords = yes
smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd
Make sure they don't have ; or # ( comments ) infront.
Now create the smbpasswd file, needed to authenticate the login users.

give the user windows_user ( the one we created earlier)a smbpasswd.

smbpasswd windows_user (give passwd twice)

start/restart sambaservice smb start ( or restart if it was running already ).
Now, you just need to hit Start -> log off on the windows machine, and log in with windows_user and give the password you gave it in the last step.