Attention All Pluc personals in Faisalabad & elsewhere

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Attention All Pluc personals in Faisalabad & elsewhere

Post by AamirAkbar »

Hope you all folks be fine and doing well in your respective locations.
I want to draw faisalabad personals attention. Actually as i m recently in Fsd so i am planning to arrange a meeting/seminar on linux here.
I have plenty of space for that (in Rex city) and the ppls there are so cooperative that they have offered refreshments also.
So i think this is time for all us here in fsd to join our hands & raise high the slogan of linux expecially PLUC.
Other personals related could also respond and we could mutually decide day and time. Voluteers are encouraged to come and participate.
Ideas from ppl at other vacinity are welcomed to make it possible and healthy. Especially i would request Imran Farooq from islamabad to respond for this matter and share his experience.
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Post by mahin »


Great idea and it is about time some one took initiative and does some thing in Faisalabad.

Do not just wait for people to come forward you just need to push few :) to set the things in motion. Please do contact Nafees Bhai at Nexlinx Internet Services [ if he has moved then I am not aware ], with contact I mean phone and in person/face to face because this is the only way to get hold of him.

Once you get hold of Nafees Bhai then you get few more contact.

It is good that you have access to place, have no idea of Rex City could any one familiar with Karachi and Faisalabad please elaborate.

One thing which I would suggest is that you talk to Faisalabad Town Nazim and ask him to arrange for an IT Mela. Town can provide the space and some event management Company can take care of logistics and local business can participate in it.

Taking a stall [ Free :) yes we never have to pay for simple reason our services are free ] an event like that will give more exposure.

There could be many more and better options, let us discuss them all.

Only way for Imran to respond is you try and get him out of Islamabad :) once in Faisalabad he will have some free time again. ;-)
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