Hardware Driver General Check Up Thing

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Hardware Driver General Check Up Thing

Postby zaki486 » Tue Jan 30, 2007 8:24 pm

Asalam O Alaikum to all

I am @ fine , secure, firewalled, backuped evry day, and up and running on UPS.

how about u all

here is something to share :

Hints and Tips

For full graphics performance, a hardware device driver needs to be installed. The default case for Linux is to use software emulation.

To check if the hardware accelerated OpenGL driver is in use, enter:

glxinfo -t | grep "OpenGL renderer string"

If you see the message "Mesa GLX Indirect", either no hardware accelerated graphics driver is installed or it may not be correctly loaded. Please consult the documentation of your graphics card driver for further guidance.

i guess now adays for linux based boxes ATI Radeon 9200 is best choice without driver problems and complexed setups .

wat do u guys say ?

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