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Wicked M$

Post by kadnan » Tue May 06, 2003 10:39 pm

this mail i recieved from one of Qt list member..by the way,i find no difference in Bush Administration and M$ :> , have fun
Subject : Cross platform IDE for QT
Unfortunately, such an IDE does not exist. When I first converted to Linux,
the first thing I did was teach myself XEmacs. Was a pain-in-the-*** to
learn, but now that I am used it it, this is what I prefer to any IDE's out
there. You can edit code, compile code, and hit a key-combination to get to
your last error. MS VC++ seems nice (I used it for 2 years) but M$ is
changing it a LOT recently. So where F7 used to be COMPILE is not
CTRL+SHIFT+B in .NET. They released a newer version this year yet changing
it further (I haven't seen the newer version yet but I can almost bet the the
microsoft morons have again changed it a lot) Sorry but I cannot relearn
something else because the goofballs at redmond decided that F7 was not good
anymore. Same is true with every menu option, with every dialog box, with
every preferences setting, and with everything else. With M$ products you
will have to reteach yourself all that stuff that you were all good used to.
With XEmacs on the other hand, you learn something today and 10 years from
now, you will still be using it and not needing to relearn it over and over

KDevelop sucks in my opinion. I looked at it recently and in the past and it
looks like it wants to being autoconf and automake into play. I don't want
that. If you use qmake with KDevelop, then you cannot do custom compile
rules. All the dependency crap was driving me nuts with regular makefiles,
so I adoped the following:

XEmacs (editing, compiling)
makepp (makefiles that do not require manual dependencies)



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