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Invitation - ITCN 2004

Posted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 9:26 am
by mahin

Computer Society of Pakistan's Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) Special Interest Group (SIG) and Pakistan Software Export Board's Open Source Resource Center (OSRC) cordially invites you to visit its Stall No. B-079 in Hall No. 2 during ITCN Exhibition & Conference from August 9 till 11, 2004 in between 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Following CSP FOSS SIG Members are exhibiting their solutions under the umbrella of OSRC:

1. ANTS Consulting -
2. Araptech -
3. IINIX Solutions -
4. InBox -
5. Linux Pakistan -
6. NC INC -
7. PING Systems -
8. Subuk Computing Machines -

Looking forward to welcome you at our stall. Thanks

Dr. Adnan Ahmad Qureshi

Free & Open Source Software SIG

I am in! (as a volunteer)

Posted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 2:11 pm
by hamdan
I am in! (as a volunteer)

We need volunteer's , if you are serious register here and suggest location.

The click “here” page says

Kindly register your FOSS organization with us. Thanks

I am a student (undergrad 3rd year), and I don’t think my institute is a FOSS organization.

So what should I do, register it any way?
You can contact me at if required.

Posted: Wed Aug 11, 2004 9:25 am
by mahin
Yes Please do register and if you are in Karachi see us at ITCN stall B 079 Hall 2, today we will be displaying some of our work.

Posted: Mon Aug 30, 2004 1:39 pm
by farhantoqeer
can we have the details of progress / achivements LP got from ITCN?

Posted: Tue Aug 31, 2004 1:09 pm
by hamdan
Let me guess.

All the volunteers would have been very well dressed, may be giving salaam to anybody who they have an eye contact with and of-course exchanging smiles with very few girls (if any present there). And last but not the least REPRESENTING open-source/Free world in Pakistan.

I think the purpose of arranging the stall was to tell the masses that WE are alive, but not to forget it is the common people who should have been targeted. And the best way to do it will be to arrange something (feast) in there own locality.

Posted: Wed Sep 01, 2004 8:03 pm
by Kdaemon
how it went ?
any details, snaps?

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2005 10:25 am
by Electro Brain
Hope you all will be at quiet ease.
I am new in this forum :D and read the discussion for advertising LINUX in ITCN. I belong to Balochistan and studying in Balochistan University of Information Technology and Management Sciences. I appreciate and agree with the distribution of free live distro CD's of Linux and some booklets for advertising on its intial basis. Our university also participates in ITCN. plz can you tell me about the development of linux in Balochistan. And what can we do in our ITCN stall for the development of LINUX. :P

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 2:39 pm
by hamdan
friend learn your first lesson "!!teach your self!!" net is full of linux and opensource projects ... find and enjoy