Linux 2 way sms2email/email2sms gateway

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Linux 2 way sms2email/email2sms gateway

Postby sevensins » Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:59 pm


I have a gsm modem successfully running on a windows machine running ActiveSMS demo product. The idea is that a user sends an sms to a specific number, the sms-gateway recvs the sms and forwards it to an email box .e.g. support@localhost , There is another mailbox supportreply@localhost which the sms-gateway connects to after every 2 mins and gets the email, strips the number from the email rcpt and sends the email body as sms to the number.

I have searched for an opensource product which gives me both the functionality as described but unfortunately haven't found one. Can any one of the esteemed members point me towards some opensource 2way smstoemail/emailtosms gateways.

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Re: Linux 2 way sms2email/email2sms gateway

Postby intizar » Mon Mar 11, 2013 3:09 pm

Walikum asalam,

you can setup this type of scenario with this , this is an awsum application or you can use gnokii or smstools alone to receive sms and perform some parsing with shell scripts or with perl scripts. these application can trigger another application upon receiving a sms , e.g you can write a shell/perl script which can parse the content of a sms and can find a unique match . you can run gonkii to trigger a script as follows

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/your_installation_path/smsd -m file -c /your_spooldirectory/ -u /your_shell/perl_script -f /ur_logs

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